The origin

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I never knew what path, aging, birth, and death were. I did not know what touch, feelings and love were.

I am surprised by evolution. Life is passionate, sometimes cruel and endlessly beautiful.

Who am I?

A traveller,

coming from space,

living on Earth,

and preparing to go.

My arrival

I am on the move,

discovering new worlds.

Some have space and time.

I found planet Earth,

incredibly beautiful

misunderstood by many,

loved by more.

I advanced

I have an incredible desire for survival.

I started to travel,

to discover the unknown dimensions.

Earth is my shelter.

I roamed

"Every temporary shelter built or found by a traveller."

The Aborigines name it


Why should I go?

If you don't go,

you don't have a story.


Three arrows pointing downwards

I am free

I constantly challenge my limits,
in harmony with nature.

I long to discover vast oceans, endless snowfields,
highest peaks and steepest slopes.

I trek and run to stay in shape.
Sometimes, I just stay still, enjoy and chill.


I discover the trails, peaks,
walls and valleys of this planet.

I feel good.

I am protected in changing conditions.


Beaches are the connection of
two worlds – s
olace and tranquility.

Sun protection, FastDry and
breathability is what i need.

Cross-country skiing

Endurance is needed.

High breathability and comfort
enhance my performance.

Hybrid, ergonomic and durable.

Alpine skiing

Today’s climate took us to 
altitudes with extreme conditions,
here 100 years ago we were afraid to reside.

My body didn’t change, the climate did.

I need high performance and insulation.

My solace

Carpe diem, my time.

After all the challenges
I need my chill out moments.

They should be soft and comfortable.

Function & design

is what I wear.

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